Social Responsibility

Through our AFSL, Dover Financial Advisers, we are extremely proud to be making a positive contribution to the lives of people in Vietnam.

Thao Dan Protection Centre in Vietnam

Thao Dan Protection Centre was founded in 1992 by a group of volunteers to take care of and protect street children in Ho Chi Minh City. The centre offers classes in basic literacy, maths and English to children who are either orphans or whose families are unable to afford schooling, and provides meals and care for the most vulnerable. In 2015 there were 173 children registered with the centre. The philosophy is to create opportunities allowing these vulnerable  children to fully integrate into society.

The centre also runs a safe house for boys under the age of 16, and houses up to 15 children at any one time. The boys are provided with a safe place to live while they study, work or complete vocational training. Many are then either reunited with their families or referred to community organisations, depending on their needs.

The centre receives no Government funds and relies solely on donations. We are proud to contribute to the centre.

We also contribute to other orphanages including:

  • Truyen Tin Open House; and
  • Linh Son Pagoda Open House.

Scholarships for University Students in Vietnam

Though Dover, we are proud to provide scholarships to disadvantaged students wishing to study Economics at University in Vietnam. In order to qualify students must be suffering financial hardship, which is verified by local government documentation, or have had either one of their parents pass away.

Each year, through Dover we proudly provide scholarships to more than 50 students worth a total value of more than $70,000. Each student personally receives approximately $1,000 per year, paid in 6 monthly instalments . The remainder of the funds is paid directly to the university to cover the cost of tuition fees. We have committed to doing this every year.

Without the scholarships these students would be unable to study as they would not be able to afford the tuition fees. By graduating, these students increase their future earning power many times over – meaning that the scholarship is an investment that will repay itself many more times over the course of their life.

The scholarships also mean that these disadvantaged people get to participate in Vietnam’s outstanding development, which you can read about here. Poverty rates around the world are falling and it is wonderful to be part of that change.



Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital

We are proud supporters of the Melbourne Royal Children’s Hospital’s Run for the Kids and Good Friday Appeal. In 2017, these two appeals raised more than $17 million for the hospital! We won’t take the credit for all of this – but we are proud to be involved.

The Royal Children’s Hospital has been providing outstanding care for Victoria’s children and their families for over 140 years. It is the major specialist paediatric hospital in Victoria and it’s care extends to children from Tasmania, southern New South Wales and other states around Australia and overseas.

Our commitment to the RCH is also personal as they have provided outstanding care to our own family in our time of need.

Rett Syndrome Association of Australia

We are also proud members and financial supporters of the Rett Syndrome Association of Australia (the RSAA). Rett syndrome is a chromosomal disorder which affects about 1 in 9,000 females.

The RSAA supports families from all over Australia who are affected by Rett Syndrome. It also provides financial support to various research programs into Rett syndrome and aims to increase community awareness of this disorder.